A journey to freedom

So last week I decided that I wanted to create a blog.  About what?  Me…okay not really about me, but about what I have been learning recently about the art of BEING vs. DOING.  Twenty-first century people do a lot.  We do work, chores, homework, housework, volunteer work…when presented with any new concept, our first response is generally “what do I need to do?”  But what we ARE directly affects what we DO and how WELL we do it.  The “Being” in the term “human being” has been lost, and we become something freakishly close to mindless, soulless droids that never enjoy life. 

Life is about BEING, and one of the things that robs us of life is discontentment.  We DO a lot more than we need to do because we are not content to BE what we currently are.  We have to be richer, so we DO more work.  We have to be prettier, so we DO more primping, shopping, quaffing, etc.  We have to be cooler, so we DO things we wouldn’t naturally do to gain approval…You see where I’m going?

God has been teaching me to be content with who and what I am NOW!  He’ll bring change when change needs to come, but first and foremost, I must BE…and BE HIS. 

You see, contentment with my self is completely impossible if I’m not God’s.  I’m too…everything and not enough…everything all at the same time time.  Too tall, not tall enough, to dark, not dark enough, to round, not round enough….the list is eternal.  But If I look at God, the one who made me, and I hear HIM tell me, “you are mine, that that’s exactly what you ought to be,” I can be content because the master craftsman has placed his seal of approval on his creation.  I don’t know who out there is an artist of any kind, but you should know that  NO ONE but the Creator can determine whether or not the creation is what it ought to be. 

All that is to say this…God’s taking me on a journey on what it looks like to be free in Him, and that is bringing me down all kinds of interesting roads.  This blog is going to chronicle all the fun ways that Daddy God is teaching me to be content with who I am, what I have, where I am, and what I know.

 In upcoming posts, I will be chronicling the different little adventures I am undertaking to allow God to show me how to be content.  Up next…my recent 7-day fashion challenge!

Love always!



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