7 day fashion challenge!


Hola!  I’m back as promised with my 7-day fashion challenge!  I spent 7 days wearing completely “new” outfits using only the close I currently own.  No begging, borrowing, or buying!  It was SO MUCH FUN, and God taught me so much about joy and contentment during that week.  So often, I become annoyed with my surroundings and my situation and I think the sollution is “new” this or that.  A new  place, new people, new clothes, a new job, you  name it.  It just needs to be NOT what I currently have.  Heaven forbid I actually be THANKFUL for something! 

So about 2 weeks ago I wore exclusively old clothes with new twists and this is now it t urned out!


This was day 1.  I used a really old short sleeved sweater with a sundress given to me by my grandma earlier this summer.  Together with a fun necklace, I felt fabulus!  (guys, don’t check out on me here, this could still be cool for you too).  This day, God showed me the beginnings of how much fun it is to be creative and work new and effective solutions out of old problems.  Someone once said “A problem is just a misunderstood oportunity” and they were right. 


Day 2 was a Sunday, and it also happened to be a day that I got absolutely NO SLEEP the night before.  I literally was up all night.  I watched the sun come up, then asked the question, “should I go to church today, having had no sleep?” Well, I went, God showed me amazing things, and I then went hope and promptly passed out ;).  This day, God showed me that no matter the circumstances, there is really no excuse for staying down.  Shower, pick fun clothes, and make the best of it.  This is my “lemons to lemonade” outfit!


This was my first day at work with the challenge.  I learned a bit about my own personal style here.  I LOVE dresses and skirts and I LOVE looking non-treditional.  🙂  This was a fun day.


This was “repurpose throw-away” day.  I almost ditched that denim jacket…and almost lost out on a great piece.  God isn’t about scrubbing the mission, H’s about showing the world that what they think is junk is really useful and purposefull.  Without this jacket, this outfit would not have worked as well, and I would have freezed my little arms of in the library!


This was the day I wore heals to work. (sorry for the sideways pic) For those of you that know me, you know that THAT is a move of God!  These pants are a bit too long for me, but they almost fit in heals.  On this day, God showed me that I’m not always the person I think I am.  Just days before I defined myself as a woman who didn’t wear heals or make up.  I’ve worn heals at least 2 more times since this picture, and I am thinking about the make up…but I’m still the woman God wants me to be!

 (No picture availible)


This was another day no one was there to photograph me.  I am still not sure whether or not this was a 100% “new” outfit, but on this day, God showed me how to enjoy what comes my way, even if it means breaking from the script.  The day was so lovely that I just had to wear a light dress, and the cardigan kept me from freezing J


This was the last day of my 7 day challenge, and I.  Looked.  HOT! Lol, I really enjoyed this day.  I felt like a senator or something.  God really didn’t show me anything too deep this day.  He just told me I was beautiful J

I learned a lot from this little challenge, and to anyone out there who is interested, I DARE YOU to take the challenge as well!  Spend 7 days learning to use what you have, and only what you have, to make new joys in your life.   It’s a great lesson in being thankful and it’s a truly great lesson in learning what true joy is, and how it is very seldom related to the material world. 

Next week, we will see were God takes me…I’m thinking of doing a cooking chronicle, but we shall see!  

Have a blessed week! 






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