Glorious Originals

I don’t have to be like the people I admire.  I love them, but I don’t need to be them.  I can learn from them and enjoy what we have in common, but I need never sacrifice what makes me myself in comparison to them.  My heart is my own and my choices are my own two.  Who do I think I need to prove something to when I am inwardly trying to adjust myself to fit them?  Myself.  I need to show myself that I am someone admirable too, and I feel like I can’t be that if I am not admirable in the same way that I find these people admirable.

But God doesn’t make clones.  There is no “next” of any person.  No next Einstein, no next Monet, no next Shakespeare, no next Wigglesworth.  There are only firsts.  Originals.  Beautiful masterpieces that have a kinship to one another as clear as the features that identify family, and that are as distinct from one another as day is from night.  We are all potential greats.  We are all potential wonders. 

When I can look at myself with respect and admiration, when I can objectively see my own worth, I will no longer be looking at myself, but at a splendid tool in the hand of God, and I will find it worthy, not because it is I and I am biased, but because it is He, and he is worthy.  All originals are the great glory of their designers.  What a wonder to find oneself to be glorious!  But not just to be glorious in oneself, but to, in fact, be glory.

Christ in me, the hope of Glory.      


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