My Life Today

I figured that today’s blog would be lest introspective and more “a day in the life” style.  Today begins my effort to stay engaged in my newest class.  I started Hermeneutics class yesterday, abut It has been highly difficult for me to stay engaged in my classes recently.  One of the biggest problems is that I’m having an extrovert spell and all of my classes are online…sad story.  That and the second class I took was an Introduction class, and so I have the obnoxious sensation of taking a freshman class long after having no longer been a freshman.  I was supposed to take the class 3 semesters ago and I didn’t know because it wasn’t on my education plan, but oh well.  That’s life.

I tried to get myself started by leaving my apartment to study.  I ended up spending 2 sleepy hours in a Waffle House with headphones on and only getting one chapter read.  But one chapter is better than no chapters, which is want I read yesterday.  I am working on a solid start to this new class while playing catch up with the class that ends in 2 weeks.  For those of you who have never taken online school in 8-week increments, it’s complicated.  It worked for me for a while, but if you can take classes face to face, do it.  It is so hard to stay motivated. 

Anyway I’m going to set a couple of goals for this week, and we will see how many of these things get done by Friday.

  1. Oil change
  2. Buy new tires
  3. Twist my hair (I have natural hair and I have the sad misfortune of being lazy…so this will be hard lol).
  4. Complete Research Paper for SEMI 500 class
  5. Complete discussion boards for NBST 614 class
  6. Read another chapter in Card’s “Shadow of the Hegemon” (I have to keep my fiction reading up…I’m a literature major, even though I’m studying Theology right now.  To me, there is no real life without make-believe).
  7. At least 1 yoga session
  8. At least one bike session
  9. At least one outdoor walk

Ok, I think that’s enough for the week.  Will I get any of this stuff done?  I hope so!!  God Bless!



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