Moving Day Revelations

I just moved back into my parents’ house temporarily while I finish this degree and apply for Ph.D. Programs. During the move I discovered that I HATE owning things. Yes, having many things makes me angry.

moving day

Why do I need so many things? I really don’t! And moving all of those things which I don’t use only makes me angry, so I have resolved to get rid of them. I started a 30-day purge a couple of months ago that I didn’t finish, but now, it’s serious. I’m getting rid of things as fast as I can. Less stress more life, right?

I have also decided that I want to start biking. I need to begin a routine of exercising that I can do safely that I will also enjoy. If I don’t like it, I won’t do it, and that has been the problem for me for a very long time. Now I’ve come to the point where I cannot safely engage in several fun exercises, like dancing, because of the strain it will put on my knees. That saddens me, but it also prompts me to get off of my blessed assurance and do something about it.

So…I need to bike.

The only problem is that I don’t have a bike, and that bikes cost money. I think I am going to save up for one, and in the meantime, I am going to start walking. If I can maintain a walking regimen for a month, I will make that commitment to buy the bike. Cheer me on, people, because I am not the best person and sticking to things. I need God’s grace and tons of accountability, so your words and prayers are much appreciated.


One thought on “Moving Day Revelations

  1. I love the idea of seeking accountability through blogging! Also, I totally relate about things. Currently puzzling over the objects I seem to move with time & again, yet ignore the rest of the time.

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