Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the simplest things can give you so much joy.  This week, I learned how to give myself a proper manicure.

finger nails

I have always admired women whose nails were always neat and colorful.  In my mind, neat, manicured nails say “I’ve got it together.”  I always used to say I didn’t have time or energy (or money) to care about little expressions of beauty.  In my mind I even scorned them, thinking that my studies or my “devotion to God” were all far valid reasons not to take more care of my physical appearance.  I half-believed that external stuff didn’t matter AT ALL.  But only half.  The other half of me felt like it would be a wasted effort because I didn’t see myself as beautiful anyway, and it seemed, if not exactly sinful, frivolous to want to be pretty.

I now recognize two things: First, that, as C.S. Lewis so aptly put it, that we are “half-breeds.”  We are spirit, but we are also body, and that means I am allowed to care how I look.  Second, not only am I allowed to want to feel and be beautiful, but when I get pleasure out of feeling pretty, God is pleased.  I am sorry that I spent my teenage years believing that so many things were “unimportant” when they really have their proper place, but I’m glad to be learning now.

I think my finger nails will see many different pretty colors from now on!  How do you like my sparkly red nails?


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