Embrace Grace: “Jesus I Come”

In my last, rather academic sounding blog, I ended by saying that the most important terms in Christianity are “grace” and “truth.” I was mistaken. The most important term in Christianity is Jesus Christ. My mind wants to define everything in academic terms and theories, gut in reality, Jesus is the center of it all, and there is no way to explain him, or his beautiful process of showering us with God’s grace. I am undone by the fact that at my very best, I can theorize my way around the word of God and get nowhere, but in one moment of honest openness, Jesus can pour himself over me. My heart can bathe in what my head wants to itemize, but the Power for this Christian life is in the name of Jesus Christ. In the Person of Jesus Christ. Not in doctrine. Not in theory, not in dogma, but in Him.

Sometimes, the most profound thought you can think about God is not a thought. It’s a feeling. A heart-response to a reality your brain can’t calculate. I entitled this blog “Embrace Grace: ‘Jesus I Come,'” because I can’t get over how beautiful the grace of God is, and the only way I can process it right now is in worship. This song,”Jesus I Come” by Elevation Worship has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my weary soul for a month now, and I still can’t get over it. “Thank You, Jesus! Just as I am I come!”

No thoughts. No words. Just Jesus.

I think this blog was just for the purpose of sharing this song. Has anyone else had a song recently that has had a similar effect on you? Share it in the comments. I’d love to hear them.


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