Enjoying God’s Grace: “God of the Redeemed”


Worship is the natural response to God’s grace. When we really, truly encounter the grace of God in a way that touches us at the core of our beings, the cradle of our pain and fear, and are soothed by it, we can’t help but love the source of our relief. We sit back in it and breathe deeply. We curl up and snuggle into it. Into Him. We can’t help it, because it has made us free, safe, and warm. We think on God’s goodness and we smile. We close our eyes and smile when we remember our pain being soothed away.

This is why the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Because those who have been redeemed cannot help but praise him, love him, and worship him. I’ve been a Christian for most of my young life, religion and grace are two different things. One creates a sense of duty in you, the other a sense of excitement and love. Christianity is not a cause to be propagated, but a song to be sung aloud, a rhythm to be danced to, and an image to be painted across the world. It bubbles out of the hearts of every person touched by grace: “Hallelujah to you, God of the redeemed!”


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