I hide from the sky


(Art by HapticMimesis)

I hide from the sky

Or else the sun will find me out.

Because in the daylight I must live

And be real and be brave and strong.

I see myself best by the shadow of night

Where I’m cowardly and timid and lost

But the sun requires strength of me

When I have none to speak of.

As soon as the light creeps into the sky

Invading from the east like a creeping army

My soul finds that it is conquered,

Not by light, but by fear of life,

And it quivers and shrinks into despair.

I hide from the sky.

The sun will show me truly,

Because in the daylight I must wake up

And put down the coward who fears life.

The darkness of my soul cries “if only I could sleep”

When sleep has long since ceased to refresh,

But only serves as a shield from conscious reality,

Reality that would crush me if it found me.

I hide from the sky,

And wish to God that life were over

Because the cycle of life offends me

Showing me for the wretch that I am,

A life-form with no spine or legs to stand.

The sky brings forth light

And with light comes proof

That darkness did not triumph,

And that my comfortable chains

Are really soft shadows made for melting away.

But I fear the world beneath the sky

More than I hate the chains the darkness hides.

And so I hide from the sky.


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