NaPoWriMo (Late) Day 9: Page Poem

So, April is National Poetry Writing Month. I completely forgot that I had committed to doing this, so I’m starting late. It’s supposed to be 30 days, 30 poems, but I’m 8 days late, so lets try for 22 days, 22 poems. This first one is a Page Poem, which means that I flipped to a random page in a book and crafted a poem from 10 words I found therein. The book I used was C.S. Lewis’ God in the Dock. Enjoy!

Wreathed in light

clothed in real.

Today, you are made alive.

Alive to discover

Indeed, to divine

what makes the world.

A word. A few letters.

A sound can alter space and time.

I Am


The Word. The One.

The Christ.


Who fills void,

creates the heavens

crafts the worlds.

This is your way.

Here is your quest.

To seek truth.


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