NaPoWriMo Day 10: Regret



When I look back at my life,

I have many “regrets.”


I regret my lack of discipline when I was younger,

And the laziness that made TV seem more important than school;

a B seem fine when I could have made an A+.

The difference between mediocrities and greatness was Cartoon Network.


I regret that I never played sports,

Because physical discipline builds strength of mind,

But mine was a mind unused to fortitude.

Sweat costs less than anti-depressants. And therapy.


I regret that I was taught not to think critically, but to be critical.

That I was taught to believe in “truth” but not necessarily to question it.

Because the truth will set you free, but it has to be true,

How do I know it is true if I can’t ask questions?


I regret that I was a proselyte instead of a friend

When my friend told me he “swung both ways.”

“A friend loves at all times…” I guess I wasn’t a friend.

I regret that he died before I learned how to be one.


I regret so many things,

But I don’t regret the lessons.


Because regret is the red pen marking the essay that is my life.

And I can cry over my mistakes, and feel bad about my grades,

Or I can write a better essay.


You see, regrets don’t obstruct my progress,

They instruct my present so that I can

Construct a better version of myself.


So rather than equating regret with shame,

I choose to see the red as a gain: wisdom,

So that in the end, in truth,

I will have no regrets.


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