NaPoWriMo Day 15: Annoying Superpower


I have this annoying superpower.

Can you guess what it is?

It doesn’t come with horns or a tail, so maybe not.

This gift, this often hated blessing, is something you can’t see.

I feel.


I feel things that I’m not supposed to feel

From people who don’t know I’m feeling it.

Like Professor X with none of the clarity.


I have this annoying superpower,

and it makes me aware that the guy walking through the door

just had the worst day of his life.

Sorrow like a wave has carried him off

And I am pushed and pulled by that same tied

As surely as if I had chosen to surf it myself.

I don’t even know this guy, but his pain is mine now.


My empathy senses are tingling

And I am suddenly alive with more energy,

Than I myself possess.

The extroverts are swarming like bees,,

Excited, loud, talkative, and lively,

And as if I can hear the queen myself, I swarm with them.

Doomed to buzz for hours after when I didn’t bring my own wings.

I’m not one of them, but their energy is mine now.


I have this annoying superpower

And one time it persuaded me I was in love.

I was shocked at how, when I was alone

I was completely and utterly unaffected, unattached, unaffected.

But with him, his feelings filled the room like a gas,

An all-pervasive force of attraction.

I couldn’t tell who liked whom; all I could feel was “like”

And I mistook it for mine.


I have this annoying superpower,

And it makes my lifer really complicated sometimes.

I don’t get to put on spandex and hide who I am.

When I use my power, I’m exposed and naked.

There are no cool side-powers, like flight or invisibility.

I just feel.

And the power to feel what others feel,

Just may save the world one day.


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