NaPoWriMo Day 21: “Deeper”

It’s really far in

Isn’t it?

How deep? How far?

How much of me

Do you have to hack

Away? How many gallons

Of my blood do I have to

Bleed before you are through?


And with no pain killers.

Only with pains that kill

Do you tear away at my flesh.

It’s in very deep, you say?

It’s found a way to

Wrap around my heart.

Slight discomfort is

An understatement. The

Pain will kill me!


And of all things to use

For this procedure

A sword. No polite

Scalpel for acute

Incisions. A piece

Forged for battle will

Make war on this renegade flesh

Within me, and will leave



Then, Doctor? Then

Will I be whole?

Then will this pain

Subside? Or will

I die in agony

Praying laboriously for

That final breath

To come?


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