NaPoWriMo Day 24: Otherworldly

fairy_land_by_shel_yang (1)

I am otherworldly, not made for this place.

I’m potent and vibrant and foreign.  With grace

I dance between two worlds: this place and beyond.

Far too much for one realm to handle.  This Pond

Of reality is too small to contain

What was made for an Ocean.  Confining is vain.


One far above confines of this world has said

That I must be free to dance over these heads.

I’m wonderful, strange, and peculiar to see.

I’m wild!  A Child! I’m fancifully free!

I have fins to swim deep and wings to fly high

And feet to dance lightly.  No one can deny

My passage between here and Heaven divine,

Because, naturally, I must mix with my own kind.


I am otherworldly, not made for this place,

So do not be fooled by my form or my face.

I dance between this world and that in the sky,

So seeing me dance there, do not wonder why.

Too lively for this life and not subject to death!

Heaven is in my eyes, in my voice, in my breath!


He who is eternal has made me to be

A being of light for the whole world to see.

I’m powerful. Strong.  Beautiful to behold!

I’m loud, charismatic, and frightfully bold.

I’m viral. Contagious.  You’ll catch me, I swear!

There is no cure for me.  Come close if you dare.

I’m too great for this world that’s small as can be,

But I’m here, so this world shall expand to fit me.


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