Something Different for the Summer


Hello Readers!

I thought I would try something different. This month marks the beginning of summer vacation for all those who go to or work for schools. It also marks the beginning of public library summer reading programs. I have grown ambitious about my reading this summer, and I have decided to see how many books I can reed between now and August 15th, which marks the end of my local library’s summer reading program. The books on my list are of various genres. There’s some spirituality non-fiction, of course (C.S. Lewis, Paul, Tillich, A.W. Tozer, etc), and there’s also quite a bit of fiction in the sci-fi, fantasy, and classics genres. My goal for the blog this summer is to complete 15 books and chronicle what books I actually complete as I complete them.

I will also be chronicling the journey through a book I was challenged on: Moby Dick. I am attempting to find a way to present this particular American Classic to teenagers in a classroom. I personally don’t think it ought to be attempted (this may be English major blasphemy…), but a young man in my youth group challenged me so…my thoughts on this challenge will be forthcoming.

I expect to have my first book “review” up next week sometime. so I hope you all will grace this blog with your attention as my mental and spiritual journey takes a literary, summertime turn.


Regina, the Pensive Ponderer.


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