Summer Reading Book #12: “Make Good Art”

make good art

“If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do.”

My 12th book was a very short read because I thought I was going to be be participating in the #cramathon this past weekend (it didn’t happen, unfortunately, but that’s another story). Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman is speech Gaiman made to the University of the Arts in 2012 that was made into a typography book (a book in which the words are arranged in unconventional and creative ways and printed in different fonts and colors so as to highlight the subject matter)..

The speech itself was 19 minutes when spoken, so this was a very, very short read, but it was full of great wisdom about the creative life. I think everyone with any kind of creative propensity should give the book a read. It’s challenging, inspiring, and practical. In a very brief space of time and in very few words, Gaiman lays out the dilemmas of the creative life as well as some important things to keep in mind on the creative journey. I could read a whole 250-page book by someone from Disney about creativity and not get some of the nuggets Gaiman drops in his speech (not that I have anything against Disney). It’s so matter of fact, and yet, it’s that tone that makes it so inspiring.

Have you read any inspiring books lately? Any typography books? Have you read this one, or have you heard Gaiman’s speech? Tell me what you think! Happy Reading!

Regina, The Pensive Ponderer.


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