The Moby Dick Project: The Final Log

moby dick book cover

This is my third and final log for The Moby Dick Project and I am sad to report that…it was a flop. Partly because I just couldn’t commit my precious summer reading time to a book that bored me so utterly. I know that as an English teacher, that may seem like blasphemy, but I can’t like every classic. In fact, this is probably the only one I’ve encountered that I just hate reading. I had some good moments, like finding the narrator’s voice and getting some historical perspective, but over all, it is just a chore to get through this book. Melville sacrificed his narrative to the all-mighty whale fixation. Even the readers in his own day were disappointed in this book (it was the work that killed his writing career).

If I ever have to teach this book, I may have to assign it as summer reading or final project substitute, because I can’t imagine getting kids to enjoy this. I might have to do what my professor did and only assign the portions of the text that are relevant to the major themes and to the narrative.

In the end, I just can’t force myself to spend 12 hours reading this book when there are some many books I want/need to read this summer. I can’t justify the time commitment.

Is there anyone out there who actually really liked this book? If so, HELP A SISTER OUT! Comment below. Happy Reading!

Love Regina, The Pensive Ponderer.


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