Ponder This: The Question of a Creator

Oxygen Volume 14

I found some notes I wrote last year on God and the order of created beings and I thought they were worth sharing:

“Order of being correspond to order of creation. Lesser creatures have or manifest limited creative power according to intellectual capacity. Animals, for example, make homes in the ground or in trees. Humans, having higher intellectual capacity, make significantly more complex dwellings, as well as inventions that help them probe and ponder the world around them more thoroughly. On this planet, humanity is the highest order of being, yet there are things in the universe that exist beyond the creative power of man. Man cannot make planets, stars, or galaxies, yet they exist. The are not spontaneously generated, but have “life cycles,” as all other created things seem to have. The evidence of created things below (the dwelling places of animals and so forth) man can give direction to the idea of the possibility of a greater creative mind beyond man. It is possible, then,  to infer a yet higher order of being to account for the creation that is beyond man’s creative power. ”

I thought I’d share this since I haven’t blogged a “Ponder This” post in a while. Any thoughts? Comment below.

Love Regina, the Pensive Ponderer.


3 thoughts on “Ponder This: The Question of a Creator

  1. Really insightful post!

    The question of a creator is one that I feel man can never find an absolute answer (unfortunately). I too have pondered this question several times only finding “answers” that are good enough to place my soul at ease.
    I enjoy how you speak of the universe having life cycles which definitely were not created by humans…. But then by what? (That is the question) Humans have the tendency to want to obtain all the gratitude for anything that’s done in this world, even if they didn’t create it. So.. It’s nice to hear someone admit that something as intriguing as the universe was in fact created by someone or something that is definitely not human.

    -Truth Seeker

    1. Thanks for your comment! And I agree that rationally, there is not definitive “absolute,” there are trends and patterns that can point us to the truth, but for a truth so much bigger than our own minds’ capacities, there is not enough human reason in the combine race to ascertain absolutely what is beyond us. That was a hard pill for me to swallow, but I think it was after I finally reached that point that I started to understand the concept of revelation knowledge, which is the way the God of Christianity is to be known.

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