SRC Book 1: Rising Strong

rising storng coverWell, my first compete summer read is a book I started in may. Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong is a book that helps you take a look at the process of becoming the kind of wholehearted individual who can rise from defeat.  I personally needed this book. A co-worker lent it to me and I am so glad she did.

If you know anything about Brene Brown, you know that the word attached to her is “vulnerability.” She was first introduced to me through her famous Ted Talk on the subject (I’ll leave the video below). I’m not going to attempt to give a whole overview of this book. It’s hard to separate what Brene writes from what I felt as I read it. I will say that reading this book was a journey into my own soul and into the soul of humanity.I know that is a HUGE statement, but what I mean by it is that this book made me think more deeply about why I feel and react the way I do to failure, and that curiosity extended beyond my own behavior. The book makes you think, “Oh man, if I’m feeling this, others are feeling this too!”

If you are curious about why you hurt when you fail, why you hurt others when  you are hurting, and how to life a life that is qualitatively better than the one society claims you can have, read this book.

That is all for today.  Another book review is fast approaching, as are some pensive ponderings.

Happy Pondering!

Regina, the Pensive Ponderer






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