Pensive Ponderings

Reflections on things that matter.

Does Anyone Know the Way back?

Does anyone know the way back to life? To joy?

Can anyone tell me how to get to sleep, because it’s sleep I fear.

Sleep keeps me awake because the stillness before slumber

is full of troublesome weights that wait until twilight to crush you.


Does anyone know the way back from hope?

Its shiny deception lured me in to a place

that fed me sweet lies as it waited for me to die.


Does anyone know how to get to safety?

Love has terrorized me and I’m at my wits end.

It kissed me with poisoned lips and simpered

as my soul whimpered and my body went limp.


I can’t be this miserable forever.

Trapped in a dull ache. Neither falling on a sword

not dancing I the light. Suspended. Unattended.

Lingering in the shadow of anxiety,

wishing for the light to come.under_the_covers_by_hapticmimesis-d33by2y


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