This is a spoken word poem written by a friend of mine.

“Shadows” by Paul Arnold

Stop trying to reinvent yourself.
You are you, don’t be someone else.
No accident, tragedy, or mistake can define
who you are. Please don’t believe that lie.

As you walk this life out you’ll soon discover
Everyone has secrets, some more than others.
Pretty clothes hide ugliest hearts.
How you’re perceived, is not who you are.

Caring, daring, risking, never failing.
Words to describe your humble upbringing
And yet, they’re slightly off, it’s not quite right
Words we hold onto, let go of us in the night.

Shadows are cast when there’s light to be seen
Yet they blur with the darkness, and when we dream
About the has beens, the could haves, the missed opportunities,
Suddenly we’re all alone with ourselves, as our shadows run rampant and free.

Every one tends to want what they can’t have
So they live they’re lives out through likes on Instagram,
Failing to realize, everything is not how it seems
Hold that thought, time to take a selfie.

Filter this, filter that, make sure the angle shows off my rack
of accomplishments, I’ve been here! I’ve done that!
Wish you we here, but I won’t look back
and so the invitations are left unsent.

Stop chasing the likes, and rest in His love.
Oh! I’m sorry, not sorry I brought the solution?
Well He’s the only the one that can make a difference.
That emptiness you feel? He alone can fix it.

So how about you stop and just listen.
That still small voice you hear brought you into existence.
He gave you a purpose, now please, please don’t miss it.


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