God’s Slow-Cooker Method

file_000Have you ever used a slow cooker? The basics of using a slow cooker are as follows: 1) follow the recipe and put all ingredients into pot 2) walk away 3) come back to fully cooked meal.

This is a very convenient thing to me, since I don’t always have time to cook, but today, I gave myself anxiety walking back and forth in the kitchen every 5 minutes to look in the pot and see how things were going. Surprise, surprise, they weren’t.  My black bean soup looked like black bean goop, and I found myself saying “I really hope this turns out right.”

Here’s the dumb thing about that: I’ve made this dish before. I’ve put all the ingredients into the pot, turned on the cooker, and walked out the door. I’ve come back 8 hours later to perfect black bean soup. So what was the problem with today?  

I kept looking at it. I have the time to sit and stare at it and watch it and worry over it…but that doesn’t do anything to get the soup cooked.

THIS IS MY FAITH LIFE!  Recently, I’ve been looking anxiously at my circumstances and looking back at God and saying exactly what I said today while cooking: “I hope this turns out right.”  But it’s not my job to worry. The same steps apply to my faith life. 1) follow the recipe, 2) walk way, 3) come back to a completed product.

Matthew 6:33 is the recipe for life. Jesus said to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” That’s step 1. Seek Him. My attention on Him is me throwing my ingredients into His pot. Matt 6:34 covers the part of me that wants to keep peeking in: “DO NOT WORRY about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.” It is no more my job to keep an eye on “all these things” than it is my job to micromanage the Crock Pot. My stalking it won’t make it cook any faster, and my agonizing over my future, my job, my love life, and my career advancement won’t make God’s will for my life, which HE ordained and set, come any quicker.
In fact, if I agonize over the crock pot meal, I may think it’s not cooking properly and start adding stuff or changing the temperature, and THAT is what will ruin my meal. My messing with things is more likely to mess up God’s plan than it is to hasten it. Instead, I need to just be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). I am learning this in my life right now, but it wasn’t until I was in the kitchen cooking this morning that it made tangible sense to me. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like on the outside. The timer is still going. The meal is still cooking. God is still moving, and when He is finished, I will be able to taste and see that He is good (Psalm 35:8).


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