Character (poem) (NaPoWriMo #3)

I wrote and performed this for our school’s National Honor Society induction ceremony.

Character: noun- the mental or moral qualities distinctive to an individual, and when that person’s gone, evidence of it is residual.


Character: noun–the pretend person in a work of fiction; a persona, role, or part someone fits in. A resident of the land of make-believe, meant to entertain or to deceive.

So, apart from your talents, who are you, exactly?

Let’s look past GPA and look at the facts, see

Your score on a test and  you giving your best

Are two separate things after the final bell rings.

Are you simply smart, or are you really wise?

Do you care about the truth or are you cool with convenient lies?

Because what lies beneath your scholarly surface is what makes all of your achievements worth it.

Now, if you have goals, talent might take you there,

but without strong character, it can also break you there.

History is filled with the rises and falls

of men and women with character flaws.

When I look about this room I see a valley of decision,

and it’s now up to you to make a character revision.

Because struggle makes character like pressure turns grapes into wine,

And challenges shape you and make your character more refined.

You can choose to be challenged in life as well as school

And never settle for ignorance and playing the fool,

Or you can choose mediocrity and apparent intelligence,

Ignoring the greatness in you for relative relevance.


You can be inducted into a society devoted to honor

But you’ve already been inducted in a society devoted to honor.

The kingdom of heaven, an honor society that is international and cross-historical,

is a fellowship of believers who know that the Cross was more than historical.

We who claim Christ have been endowed

With the Spirit of the Holy One showing us how

To seek His character.


So Romans 5 says “rejoice when you run into trials

Cuz we know that their helping us all the while

To produce endurance and develop the strength

Of our character and confidence of hope for salvation,” so, Saints,


You are being inducted into a society devoted to honor.

That means you, yourself are someone devoted to honor.

The challenge of character is a sacred call,

And the strength is within you to give it your all.

The hope is that you grow into trees of resilience.

And that He whose image you bear will shine forth His brilliance.



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