Lula Roe Experience

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine from work asked me to review her Lula Roe product on my blog. Now, I, being weird and overly ambitious, attempted to make that review into a poem so that it would fit into my normal post for this blog, which generally consist of blogs, spiritual reflections, and book reviews. Well…I couldn’t make a poem about Lula Roe, so here I am, writing a normal review.

First things first. The only Lula Roe item in this picture is the dress. The other items I already had in my wardrobe. Here are my first observations:

  1. This dress was soooo comfortable!  I mean, the material was soft, the fit was loose and flowy, and I just loved how it felt.
  2. This pattern looks great on me. I like patterns, and when I saw this dress, I instantly loved it because the pattern was bold and fun (like I tend to think I am most days). And there are A TON of nice patterns.
  3. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but I could tell by the material that it was worth it.

Now, I know I didn’t accessorize this dress to meet its full potential, but I love it, and I like how many different things I can wear with this dress. I can wear it a belt to show my waist, I can rock a denim or leather jacket, leggings or bear legged, etc. I am definitely glad to own this piece.

If you are interested in Lula Roe, ladies, find a consultant near you (I’m sure there’s one). My consultant gave me her card, so here you go:


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