SR Review #4: Cinder

The 4th book I finished this summer was actually not on this year’s goal list, but last years.


I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer, and I give it a 4/5 stars. I started this book after I decided to DNF (do not finish) another book (also not on my original goal list).

Anyone who read my summer reading chronicle last year remembers that I read a fairy tale retelling that I was…less than thrilled with called Everland. After that read, I was a little skeptical about fairy tale retellings, but Cinder was EVERYTHING that I could have hope for out of a retelling!

For anyone who doesn’t know what the Lunar Chronicles are about (I admit to being way behind this trend), these stories are a sci-fi retelling of 4 different fairy tales that come together to tell one larger story about 2 kingdoms at war. Cinder follows the story of the title character, a teen-aged cyborg in a kingdom on earth who is unexpectedly befriended by the prince, but who also somehow becomes the center of a global/interglobal political issue.

I don’t want to give too much away in case you want to pick this book up. I will certainly be continuing this series. The writing is excellent, and the characterization is believable. The story as a whole has higher stakes than the original fairy tale, but they do not clash with the framework. The story doesn’t suffer at all for being a Cinderella retelling. In fact, the author takes a few liberties with the original storyline to fit the format of her series as a whole. At first, this bothered me (as is reflected in my 4/5 rating), but after consideration, I think this was a good call.

How do you feel about fairy tale retellings, or retellings in general? Have you read any good ones? Share in the comments!

Happy Reading!


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