SR Review #6: The Hidden Oracle


The 6th book I have completed so far this summer is The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan. I give this book 3.8/5 stars, but part of my low-ish scoring has to do with my own frame of mind about middle-grade books.

I enjoyed the premise of this book, and I think it was executed very well. The plot is well integrated into the well-known and well-loved Percy Jackson series. Apollo annoyed me just as much as a newly humanized deity should annoy. His character development was not instant, but it was clear enough to see where he should be by the  end of a 5 book arc. The new characters were fun, for the most part, and the silly and random anachronisms that are Riordan’s trademark where charming, as usual.

Another thing I will say for this series, is that it seems well-built. Sometimes, authors milk a series for all it’s worth, not caring that they compromise the integrity of the original vision as long as they can keep cranking out stories in the same world, no matter how convoluted or unnecessary they are, (like a filler arc in an anime series). This is NOT the case for Riordan’s world. It genuinely feels like these stories are organic to the world they are in, and that they are stories that need to be told.

My favorite thing about this book is a spoiler, so I have to just say, fans of the other 2 series will be happy with one very important event that happens in the book. Very happy.

Beyond that, as I said earlier, I wasn’t really in the mood for a middle-grade book when I read this, so everything felt extra juvenile to me. I got tired of some of the characters pretty quickly, but I know that this is mostly because of my mood, not the book. It will probably be a good long while before I pick up book 2, because I don’t want to be frustrated with the story unnecessarily.

Have you ever read a book that you knew you should like, but that you just weren’t in the mood for? If you have read this book, or any part of this series, what did you think of it? Tell me about it in the comments.


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