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Low-Key Terrified (NaPoWriMo #1)

I actually think I know what it means to be “low-key terrified.” It’s the state of my cognitive mind being aware of something much worse than my body is reacting … Continue reading

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Doing Too Much

So, 2017 is in full swing, and I am still pretty enthusiastic about all of the goals I set, but I’m realizing something, or rather, God is signalling me about … Continue reading

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2017 #Goals and My Fear of Setting Them

  It’s the New Year! I for one, have made a resolution to write on this blog more frequently, so here’s to a year of CONSISTENCY! Speaking of resolutions, the … Continue reading

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God’s Slow-Cooker Method

Have you ever used a slow cooker? The basics of using a slow cooker are as follows: 1) follow the recipe and put all ingredients into pot 2) walk away … Continue reading

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Do You Still Trust Me, Dear Heart?

It is not as easy as I once believed to teach God’s word with integrity. What I mean by that is that telling people the “right thing to believe” about … Continue reading

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