Kings and Queens and Fools

We are, all of us, Kings and Queens and fools. Lords and ladies and louts, the lot of us. Both breath of God and mortal flesh Make up our complex lineage.   Sons of Adam and daughters of Eve are we, Meant both to stand tall and to bend the knee. Inheriting our royalty as [...]


Introducing the Band of Bards Blog!

Hello there!  It has been quite a long time since I have written. More regular content is to come on this page, but today I have a special announcement! I am a part of a writing society called the Band of Bards, and we have just launched our group blog! The first post is up!  [...]

God, Are You Supplying My Needs? Part 1

Something I am notice as I grow in my walk with the Lord is that my understanding is often not quite what it needs to be. For instance, When I trust God to take care of me, sometimes it’s more like I trust God to take care of me in the way that would be [...]

God, You Owe Me

There are moments in my life when I subconsciously pat myself on the back. I think we all do it. We keep a running tally of how often we are “selfless” or kind or good, and for those of us who are Christians, we can get into the habit of thinking that, surely, all of [...]

Broken People–a poem

When a thing is broken, it elicits the question “how can it be fixed.”   Can it be repurposed? Be remade? How can it be used again?   But when a person is broken, No such question arises.   Broken, not into pieces, like a puzzle. Not into fragments to be fashioned into mosaics, made [...]