Pensive Ponderings

Reflections on things that matter.

Broken People–a poem

When a thing is broken, it elicits the question “how can it be fixed.”   Can it be repurposed? Be remade? How can it be used again?   But when … Continue reading

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Life Hits Hard–part 3: Redeeming the Pain

For those of you reading my blog, you can see my point of view on some very real struggles in my life. I deal with depression and bitterness, pain and … Continue reading

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Life Hits Hard–Part 2: “1+2=3”

My first great devastation was the death of my dream to go to England, the death of my faith in God that was based on something other than my own … Continue reading

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Life Hits Hard: Part 1–Update

I haven’t really been posting a lot of personal or spiritual things on my blog lately. It isn’t because I’m any less concerned with spiritual things. At first, I really … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Wrap-up!

If you have been following my reading journey all summer, you know that I’ve completed 10 books! My original list of 12 books was mildly ambitious, but at the end … Continue reading

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