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God Works in Mysterious Ways: Lessons in Tenacity Part 2

My God-moment while watching “The Karate Kid” was a long time ago. Fast forward a few jobs, a couple of major life disappointments, and 5-ish years of therapy over depression … Continue reading

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God Works in Mysterious Ways: Lessons in Tenacity Part 1

“God works in mysterious ways” is an old adage that most people use to try and make sense of tough situations. While it is often true that the uncomfortable circumstances … Continue reading

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Word of the Year: 2017 Lessons and 2018 Priorities

Here we are, almost a whole month into the new year, and I’m looking back at 2017 to see what I’ve learned. My word for 2017 was “Intentional.” The idea … Continue reading

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Conversation. A Poem

I wish I could have had a conversation with the guy I disagreed with last night. He said some things I didn’t like, And I want to know where his … Continue reading

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Kings and Queens and Fools

We are, all of us, Kings and Queens and fools. Lords and ladies and louts, the lot of us. Both breath of God and mortal flesh Make up our complex … Continue reading

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